Inspiration from Mike Goedecke the founder of Belief - Motion graphics and live action.
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James Gandolfini RIP 2013

More cyber chick wonderfulness by Will Murai

Colorful City Strips cookie cut into a circle - new illustration work by Chris Keegan

Sashie Masakatsu paints industrial trash death stars floating over dumps.

Geigeresque Face Masks found on SHADOWNESS

New abstract landscapes from Future Deluxe.

Man of Steel Alien Invasion Video - Quite Epic!

Amazing Star Trek Mashup - All 12 FIlms put together in an amazing tribute video.  A must watch for fans and non fans alike!

Ghetto Blaster iPhone Case - Detailed Awesomeness

Abstract melting

Beautiful Destruction By Alan Sailer

Rendering a HUGE Buddhabrot Image


Hiroshi Fuji’s playful toy sculptures.

The (SURREAL) Master Trailer

Peter Sarkisan’s video projection INK BLOT.

Peter Sarkisian: Ink Blot, 2011 from Peter Sarkisian Studio on Vimeo.

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