Inspiration from Mike Goedecke the founder of Belief - Motion graphics and live action.
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Industrial Human Form Masterpieces by Seo Young Deok.

Sculptures created from Bike Chains.

Figures lost in the void.

New art by Brendan Monroe

Organic female waveforms by Ayoli.

More Death and Destruction - Seems to be quite a theme these days.

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SLIME Body - the work of Bart Hess

Olga Feldman from Russia creates the floating spirit of the subtle body.

Crochet ORGANS - the inner body parts - by Sarah Illenberger.

The SPIRIT travels beyond the BODY.

The auratic art of Olga Feldman

GROWING MY WAY to somewhere.

Echo Morph - Video Installation by Bart Hess

Man as a Mechanical Palace.

As funny as this video might seem at first viewing, there is a much deeper meaning to it.

Think of how many different types of creatures had to get together and agree then to work together to form the human body, or any complex organism for that mater.

In the end abstractly our body is really no different then this metaphoric mechanized representation.

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