Inspiration from Mike Goedecke the founder of Belief - Motion graphics and live action.
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The (SURREAL) Master Trailer

Psychic Land by 2Veinte

Experimental UltraSloMo Naked Dancers in Milk….

I think that about sums it up. NSFW as partial nude.

Trip out on this experimental acid music kaleidoscope.

The truly psychedelic Yöshi Sodeöka

ENTER THE VORTEX from Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void

Here are the first 11 minutes if you have not yet done your duty and seen the film.

A Rude Goldberg Machine that Takes PICTURES + VIDEOS then TWEETS THEM.

Clever advertisement for Gillette.

Shadow Play #2

Shadow Play #1

More singularity - The Node - Reality is so over rated.

Polyphonic Moog Theremin.

Engineering new rules from Theremin musicians.

Ahhhh… this brings back memories of the UNTITLED projects we spearheaded at belief.

Some nice stuff in this collaborative project called RESONANCE.

Don’t let this boring still above fool you - this is an awesome idea for artists and interior designers alike.

Sign me up ASAP.

I want one and want to create for it.

Imagine a Framed APP store - Now we are talking marketplace for cool $#@%

FRAMED* – a platform for new art forms

Very interesting live performance by Tejido Conectivo featuring experimental sound and 16mm and 8mm film loop projections.

My next party must have enormous floating bubbles you can chill in.

This is the amazing work of Tomas Saraceno.

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