Inspiration from Mike Goedecke the founder of Belief - Motion graphics and live action.
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Coffee stir stick sculptures by Jonathan Brilliant.

Video of the process here.

Revelation Of Process: Jonathan Brilliant from Austin Nelson on Vimeo.

Proof - the mind doesn’t know a movie or game isn’t real.

Harrison and Wood - How They Make Their Art.

Ever feel like half your day is looking at this loading graphic?

I wonder what percent of our lives we have given to this?

The Inception Chair by Vivian Chiu.

Jack Sparrow created in 3D by ZhiHeng Tang.

Now Depp can do 100 of these movies.

The Beast Pageant - Trailer from Jubadaba on Vimeo.

Can’t wait to see this film.  

The Beast Pageant, is Napoleon Dynamite done 2012 style.

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