Inspiration from Mike Goedecke the founder of Belief - Motion graphics and live action.
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Ephemeral Aerial Structures  created by Janet Echelman

Spray painted people collected make a lager figure.  The work of Suso33.

Coffee stir stick sculptures by Jonathan Brilliant.

Video of the process here.

Revelation Of Process: Jonathan Brilliant from Austin Nelson on Vimeo.

Ted Lott’s amazing Chair Home

Shrink wrapping the world.

The colorful work of Penique Productions

California Roll - Concept House by designer Christopher Daniel

Numen Net - Art as a Playground.



Getty and sky #sky #architecture #window (Taken with instagram)

Getty miniature 2 #model #architecture #lowangle #miniature (Taken with instagram)

Getty miniature #miniature #architecture #model #small #lowangle (Taken with instagram)

Schematics - Support Structures by Lars Englund

Space Invader Sofas.

Keep your pills in something cool.

Medicine Containers by Celine Forestier via Mocoloco.

Living inside a giant sponge - The Forms of Theverymany.

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