Inspiration from Mike Goedecke the founder of Belief - Motion graphics and live action.
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Fantastic Illustration work of Minjae Lee.

Peter Sarkisan’s video projection INK BLOT.

Peter Sarkisian: Ink Blot, 2011 from Peter Sarkisian Studio on Vimeo.

Organic female waveforms by Ayoli.

New Work from James Jean - Talib Kweli

More 80’s Neon by Joseph Prat Sorolla.

Moebius RIP.  Amazing artist.

Robo-Porn by distritopapillon on Deviant Art

Fire and ice #fire #ice #mural #painting #drawing #peace #finger #calm #war (Taken with instagram)

Goddess of the ocean #ocean #goddess #god #drawing #painting #mural (Taken with instagram)

Destruction at 1 millisecond - drawings by Rob Voerman

Schematics - Support Structures by Lars Englund

Digging the potential of this new WACOM product.

Steve Jobs might have stepped down but Apple’s future has never been brighter.

Here comes the sun. Its all right.

We will miss you Mr. Jobs, you were the guiding light in the bright and dark times.

The playful work of Adhemas Batista

Where is Wall-E ? - click for full size.

It’s “Where’s Waldo” but with the lovable Pixar robot, Wall-e

created by Richard Sargent via /film

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