Inspiration from Mike Goedecke the founder of Belief - Motion graphics and live action.
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Rendering a HUGE Buddhabrot Image


Saul Bass’ DIrectorial Debut - Talk about trip out !

A must watch for any visual person.

New illustrative work from BONEFACE.

Goverdose 2.0

Death in Motion 

From Behance

Deborah Bay’s beautiful Bullet Art.

This is how I feel - all the time.

Neil Wax - Sculpting your feelings

Wow art now at the Getty #art #fineart #abstract #graphic #geometric #losangeles (Taken with instagram)

Sexy 8-Bit by Almasty.

Rebranding Hell.

The technorganic work of Justin Maller

Geometrics by PRN - Fuse Collective.

Ever feel like half your day is looking at this loading graphic?

I wonder what percent of our lives we have given to this?

3D Slices and Spheres created by Christoph Bader.

PAINTSCAPES by Cliff Briggie

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