Inspiration from Mike Goedecke the founder of Belief - Motion graphics and live action.
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Some people just become obsessed with an idea and it becomes amazing. This Japanese artist took this idea to the extreme, taking these cute little photos every day for 4 years.  You can see them all at

Holes in the fabric of reality.

Torn photos by Scott Hazard.

Bubble Helmet Girl.

Source Unknown.

Amazingly inspirational video about PEEPING on google street view with photographer Michael Wolf.

Girls = Circle

Amazing Star Wars Lego Photographs by Avanaut

Very cool tool for Instagram Users

The swinger Polaroid - classic name and ad campaign #camera #polaroid #photo (Taken with instagram)

Lego Ink Surfing by Alberto Seveso

Discovering the Ghosts - DUST - The work of Ujin Lee.

Really insightful Behind The Scenes - shooting photographs with Timothy White for Cowboys and Aliens.

TELEPORTING back to source.

17 layers from the Zeitgeist.

a collage I made from surreal trends.

ROOTS and their POTENTIAL to fly.

LIQUID explorer of the post apocalyptic void.

The art of Daniele Scerra

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