Inspiration from Mike Goedecke the founder of Belief - Motion graphics and live action.
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Steel Wool lit on fire and then spun with a drill creates wonderful light based robot faces.  Hail the Light Rorschachs of Nicolas Rivals

The world if your eyes were the floor.

Surreal perspectives by Michael H. Rohde.

Holes in the fabric of reality.

Torn photos by Scott Hazard.

Amazingly inspirational video about PEEPING on google street view with photographer Michael Wolf.

The photographic work of Sergey Loie

The beautifully organic work of William Miller via Lancia.

Frozen Fights by Martin Klimas

Music to massage your mate by.

Revealing the magic that surrounds.

art by Rebeca Cygnus

This is what your body feels like when you consume news.

Insightful art by juhho

Shred Art by Georgia Russel

The Amazingly Atmospheric Work of Kim Keever

New Canon Camera Sweetness.

Full Details Here.

Amazing Star Wars Lego Photographs by Avanaut

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