Inspiration from Mike Goedecke the founder of Belief - Motion graphics and live action.
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Makoto Azuma also launches plants into space.  Here is his latest, a Banzai in lower space orbit.

The Florist who is also quite an artist.  This one is called GOD.

Hiroshi Fuji’s playful toy sculptures.

Industrial Human Form Masterpieces by Seo Young Deok.

Sculptures created from Bike Chains.

Coffee stir stick sculptures by Jonathan Brilliant.

Video of the process here.

Revelation Of Process: Jonathan Brilliant from Austin Nelson on Vimeo.

Obsessive Compulsive Artist Motoi Yamamoto makes amazing salt creations.

Books transformed by Guy Laramee.

YES / NO Sculpture by Markus Raetz.

Amazing sound sculpture by Luke Jerram

The light sculptures of Barry Underwood.

Skull Warfare by Ron Ulicny

Scrabble Faucet - new work from Ron Ulicny

Metropolis 2 by Chris Burden now open at the lacma pure awesome #chrisburden #lacma #art #kinetic #sculpture #traffic #metropolis (Taken with Instagram at LACMA)

Neil Wax - Sculpting your feelings

David Herbert’s Alien - Long Live the Xenomorphs

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