Inspiration from Mike Goedecke the founder of Belief - Motion graphics and live action.
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Makoto Azuma also launches plants into space.  Here is his latest, a Banzai in lower space orbit.

Ephemeral Aerial Structures  created by Janet Echelman

Coffee stir stick sculptures by Jonathan Brilliant.

Video of the process here.

Revelation Of Process: Jonathan Brilliant from Austin Nelson on Vimeo.

Shrink wrapping the world.

The colorful work of Penique Productions



QR Code Island by C.A.N.

Must be in airplane to see… or space.

Dune without words.

Imagine if David Lynch’s version of DUNE had no dialogue to drag it down.


via Boing Boing

Postcards from a time long ago and a Galaxy Far Far Away.

Work of Franco Brambilla

Astronaut Suicide - the work of Neil DaCosta

Olga Feldman from Russia creates the floating spirit of the subtle body.

The Thunderbird Vehicles - Illustrated Style by Alex Pang.

Interstellar - Earths place in the universe.

Timelapse in the desert.

This world record is just INSANE ! ! ! 

Parallel parking in the impossible spot.

Guardian of the Universe - the work of Adonihs

Now that is FAST.

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