I had the privilege to work with George P. Johnson for many years doing the video displays for the LA and Detroit Autoshows.   The fun challenge with the auto shows are the unusual aspect ratios the pieces often take on.  GPJ often invents new technology to make the interesting monitor layouts possible.  

You can click the fullscreen icon to watch these as large as possible.
These are best viewed on a computer with a large monitor.

This piece was an 10 HD monitor display we created for Honda. 
The car footage was shot on a stage with various passes and animated in post.

This single stream video was made for an interactive Lexus kiosk.

This was originally a 5 screen main display for Lexus but here it is shown as a center cut.
Below is a longer version of the actual 5 screens rendered together.
This was a 4 screen display we created for Acura which prides itself on its tech.
The car footage was directed and shot by me using a giant turntable.
This is a 12 monitor display that was produced for Honda.
This is the render without the monitor boarders added in to simulate the screens.
The client wanted more running footage edited into this piece.
The cars that exist in the CG in environment were directed and shot by me.
We used the Honda HQ parking lot as our stage and then rotoscoped the cars.
Here is a different years 4 screen Acura display. 
This edit cuts between different layouts of the screens.
This 7 screen HD display was one of the first I did  for Acura and at the time we were not sure we could even a render compositions this big, 13,440 x 1080.  In the end with upgrading the machine with massive ram we were able to successfully achieve the 7 screens.  
The thin part of this video is actually the 7 screens connected.
The middle and top/bottom  are enlarged details of the larger render.
The car footage was directed and shot by me once again using a large turntable.

This was a single source display for Acura that incorporated many of the commercials that were done for the brand wrapped in a graphics look.
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