This is a collection of the "Chucky Invades the Movies" videos, created to celebrate the new Chucky Film being released on home video. The concept was to add Chucky into famous movie scenes that were produced by Universal.  As always at MOVIECLIPS we had no budget to work with other then to hire the Chucky puppeteers for one day. We produced 4 of these videos in just one week, with only 1 day to shoot the Chucky Doll. We were also limited to lines Chucky had in the movie, so we couldn't create new dialogue. These are meant to be tongue in cheek and a little cheesy if you know what I mean, its a talking doll for crying out loud! The videos served to promote both the Chucky films and the movies he appears in. 

Little trivia, that is my son playing Chucky and he seems a little too comfortable in the role!
Be sure to check out the BEHIND THE SCENES to see how it was done. 
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