This is a sampling of some of the MOVIECLIPS Originals that were produced.

What if Zod's alien spaceship from Superman: Man of Steel suddenly landed in Venice California and ended up destroying the MOVIECLIPS Offices?

What would a commercial for a life size GI JOE Playset look like?

What if Nicolas Cage really was in all the famous movies from the 80's?
The Dark Knight Ultimate Trailer - an original  trailer concept I originated 
Create a trailer that not only promotes the new film but gives context to the rest of a longer series of films.

What kind of job would Scream's Ghostface do during the day?

Could we make a fake Star Trek Into Darkness trailer good enough to fake out all Trekkies eagerly awaiting the first trailer's imminent release?

I filmed Alison Haislip as she braves the Zombies inside the Walking Dead Escape Attraction - filmed and edited during our visit to Comic-con.

Robin Leech thanks all the MOVIECLIPS subscribers in this over the top video about how big the number 4 Million is relative to other things.

What if The Expendables 2 had actually come out in the 80's and we discovered a vintage VHS copy of the trailer?

What if Thor's Hammer Mjolnir  waged a promotional campaign for creating a new Academy Award Category for Best Prop?

What would happen if The Hunger Games and Twilight had an epic showdown?

What deep thoughts are the characters in the Hunger Games really thinking?

How much would it really cost to be the Dark Knight?

What if PT Anderson's film The Master got a Salvador Dalí  treatment?
Cosplay Action captured during our visit to Comic-Con in San Diego.
What if David Lynch had directed Rock of Ages?
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