ZOOM Network Package
Belief was hired by Times India Group to launch their new entertainment television network which was a backstage pass to all the Bollywood Celebrities and parties.

Belief was hired to completely redesign the on-air look of discovery health with a  live action based approach.  This montage represents just a fraction of the hours of footage created for the rebrand.
This ground breaking work won the top honor at Promax/BDA the Platinum Award.  This highly composited piece uses shot inks and live action to create imagery inspired by India and its filmic history.  Cricket also is the biggest sport in the country and one entire package was devoted to it.
JET AIR SKY SCREEN Network Package
Get ready for the goddess' of inflight entertainment.  These magical creatures introduce the various parts of this inflight network package produced for Jet Air.  The makeup and head piece designs for the women are particularly stunning and took hours to complete.

SAHARA ONE Network Package
This epic package was created by shooting artifacts from India where the network is found.  The architectural spaces are created entirely from shooting objects spinning or moving at various angles and then composited together in 3D space within after effects.

ANANDA Network Package
This beauty network out of asia hired belief to create a network package that featured beautiful women enjoying a highly stylized spa atmosphere.  Ananda in Hinduism and Buddhism means  extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being.

ABC Network IDs
This blast from the past was for the famous yellow campaign.  Belief created a series network IDs that were used throughout the day to bring fun to the channel.
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