This is a collection of short  films and experimental work I directed. 

UNTITLED:003 - Embryo
Jason Fields, a certified agoraphobic who has tragically succumbed to his condition, receives a large and mysterious wooden box. He and his laid-back friend, Rollo, open the box to find a glass bell jar, a helmet lined with empty tubes and a booklet entitled “Dr. Mesmo’s Miracle Dream Catcher”. The instructions promise that his deepest fantasy will be granted if he feeds five dreams to a grotesque creature stored within the machine. At first Jason is reluctant, but when Rollo’s mind is “stolen” by the bizarre device, there can be no turning back. Driven by the need to save his now catatonic friend and a growing lust to receive the promise of “Dr. Mesmo’s” device, Jason soon finds himself with a host of “mindless” victims hidden in his bedroom. When he unexpectedly rekindles his love for his ex-girlfriend, his life derails into madness, for in order to live his ultimate desire Jason must incubate a nightmarish monster.

This film has won many prestigious awards at has been shown at film festivals around the world.
Be sure to watch this full screen and loud!
ONE - Feature Documentary 
We've become a culture that enshrines pain, at the same time offering it as entertainment. But how can we go beyond the seductive reality show narrative of shattered lives? How can we find the missing pieces that will allow us to heal and transcend?  ONE is a powerful visually arresting film that explores the elusive bridge between the broken and the unbreakable. Using the words of the great Zen scholar Alan Watts, the filmmakers link hardcore devastation to a powerful awareness of our deeper humanity.  ONE is an emotionally visceral journey that confronts the audience with a simple question - What is it that we are really yearning after? 

Please email me if you would like to see the entire film.

POLLINATE: Chain Reaction
This is the first Pollinate inspiration film I created with Kane Roberts, formerly the lead guitarist of Alice Coopers band.  The goal was to talk about creativity from our unique perspective, to showcase work that explained the concepts we presented.  This was a live presentation that was recorded.  We would present this video around the country at various conferences and perform the audio part live in front of the audience.  This was part of Belief's experimental initiative to explore new ideas and ways to become a more creative person.  Im very proud of the Pollinate films as I feel they get to the heart of my creative process.

POLLINATE: The Common Desk
This is the second Pollinate inspiration series. The goal was to talk about manifesting a creative workspace and to showcase brilliant work that enhanced the concepts we presented. This piece was more narrative then Pollinate first Chain Reaction and filled with more humor. This was part of Belief's experimental initiative to explore new ideas and ways to communicate.  Helping others amplify their creative process serves the larger community. 
Art Machine / Trailer Park - Creative Reels 
These two "short films" I created for the Art Machine Theatrical Group.  They each begin with a short that explores the creative process of creating a theatrical poster design.

UNJUSTUS: Sundance Launch Event
Following the premiere of "The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz" at Sundance, this video was played on various monitors throughout the club at the launch party for Unjustus.  The main goal was to communicate the themes of the UNJUSTUS movement through typography and provide the right visual atmosphere for the event.
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